English and Polish language eBook
about Mother Earth, Venus,
Hindu and Slavic goddesses. 

First published
20 of March 2022 
An eBook about the vast Mother goddess, and her many ancient forms such as Mother Earth,
Venus, Shri Vidya and others. Based on an earlier Polish language booklet (included in this book)
by the same author for those that are already familiar with Hinduism, yoga, ancient religions, 
and hermeticism.

Author Adam Wojtanek takes us on a journey to a time forgotten, when man had a closer relationship 
with the earth and the elements, and when the cult of the Mother goddess thrived across our planet. 
Additional chapters dwell into the history of the Sun-cross, the principle of Karma, the Self and Maya, 
which are nondualistic concepts that are key for understanding the Mother Goddess religion.

A bilingual book. Includes the original, shorter version that was first published in Polish in Poland. 

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Polish language version of the above eBook. 
The English version is more extensive. 

Tu można pobrać książeczkę w języku polskim.
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